Promotional Aggregator

Everything. Is. Cancelled. 

Thanks, 2020. 

As brands we are constantly looking for new ways to activate and give an amazing end user experience. What happens when we can't do that in a group?

Um, well....

Good thing we are creative geniuses. Our creative team's deep roots in entertainment and lifestyle marketing is what launched our swag box category. If we are taking events and conferences virtual, how do we make users have that same sensory experience in person, but at home?

Well through a pre planned party kit of course. 


We will work with your in house team to source and plan the perfect swag box for your clients / consumers. During the design and sourcing process you can be as hands on or hands off as you desire. Then let us assemble and ship your custom boxes and we will sit back and watch while your social media hashtags blow up!

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